Committed™ support

Secret ingredient #4: We are with you all the way.

We enjoy building lasting business relationships with our customers, and we accomplish this by providing a continually high level of on-going service. Your company will benefit from our excellent internal stability and years of experience. And you can count on our support for years to come – iNow is firmly established with effective systems and a loyal customer base.


Our Committed support service is available via our online Support Centre and Helpdesk ticketing system. This provides a framework for customers to request and manage on-going changes to their website.

Committed support means...

  • Available 24/7: While we don't actually work 24 hours a day, our Helpdesk is always online, making it easy for you to contact us.
  • Quick response time: You can choose your preferred response time, from 2 business hours to 2 days. Within that time, you will receive attention from the right person in our team.
  • Tracking: All requests are assigned a ticket number, and we track the progress of each ticket. You know that if you've got a ticket number, we'll be dealing with it soon.
  • History: You can view a history of your requests, including who dealt with your ticket and the time we spent on it.
  • Authorisation: No one but you (or whoever you nominate) can request changes to your website.
  • Quality: Any changes you require to your website will be done to the same high standard as the original build.

In addition to this, you will find our team very approachable and keen to help you out as your business grows.

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