Handsfree™ managed website hosting

Secret ingredient #5: Handsfree website hosting takes care of the details.

We provide a world class, monitored web-hosting facility. All technical aspects of your website are managed by us, so you know your website is open for business 99.98% of the time. Included in our Handsfree service is...

1. High quality New Zealand based web-hosting.

We've been around the block a few times and we know that cheap hosting is not worth it in the long run. Our in-house dedicated webserver is fast, with built-in redundancy and a premium connection to the Internet via multiple upstream carriers in the High Availability Rack Space of Maxnet's data centre, Auckland. It runs well below capacity and is not used for email hosting.

As a result we provide very fast website loading times, very high security, and extraordinary reliability.

Our Handsfree web-hosting accounts include...

  • New Zealand based webserver
  • Power and data-storage redundancy with automatic fail-over
  • Connection via Auckland-based datacentre: a 24x7 manned facility, connected by three 1Gb fibre optic links to diverse carriers, and 2N power and cooling infrastructure
  • DNS management
  • PHP scripting support
  • MySQL database support
  • Disk-space and bandwidth allocation
  • Statistical reporting
  • Human monitored daily file system backups
  • 99.98% server uptime target

2. Support framework for website updates.

You will find our on-going Committed support wonderfully responsive. Customers have a point of contact whenever they require changes to their website, or any assistance or advice relating to their website, and we have excellent procedures in place for handling these.

3. File management.

We handle all file uploads for our customers. In the event of server migration or a server malfunction, we will handle recovery of customers' websites. File management is via a secure connection (SSH) rather than the insecure FTP protocol when managing customers' websites.

4. PHP and MySQL security updates and bug-fixes.

We automatically apply necessary fixes to PHP scripts and MYSQL databases on customers' websites. This includes any changes that may be required following a server system update. Bug-fixes are not charged for as long as customers report bugs within 2 weeks of the work being carried out.

5. Hackers and Denial-of-Service (DOS) attacks.

Security of our systems is of paramount importance to us. We have applied multiple layers of security to our server, ranging from a double firewall through to advanced intruder detection and reporting. In the unlikely event that a customer's website is compromised we will take appropriate action to repair the breach and restore the website.

6. Hardware and software system updates.

Our systems are up to date. Our server replacement schedule (we replace our physical server every 4 years) keeps the possibility of hardware failure to a minimum. Additionally we are covered by a 4 hour 24/7 guaranteed response SLA from our supplier in the unlikely event of a hardware fault.
Software security updates are applied by us when necessary. This usually results in little or no down-time.

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